What is Feng Shui About?


What Does a Feng Shui Consultation Look Like?

Most people think of Feng Shui (literally "wind over water" or "wind and water") as the art of placing furniture in the room of a house. That is a small part of Feng Shui and when I talk with clients they are amazed at the complexity of Feng Shui. 

People are generally curious about what a consultation actually 'looks like'. What does it include? My consultations begin with talking with the potential client.  What do they hope to achieve?  What are they looking for with this consultation? My consultations begin with a brief explanation about Feng Shui and the different schools of thought.   

The four pillar chart is the basis for my consultations because I believe there is much that can be learned from the four pillar chart or Four Pillars of Destiny (also known as the Bazi).  After I create the chart I analyze it, which takes a bit of time, then I will meet with the client to review their chart with them.  Many clients just want the four pillar chart and analysis and for them the consultation is complete; however, I am always available by email for questions as clients really study their charts. 

If a client would like a continued consultation for analyzing the home or business, my consultation moves into compass school practice.   The compass analysis of a person's dwelling builds upon the four pillar chart. I generally visit the home and evaluate the land surrounding the home as well as obtain the facing direction of the home. From that information, I then identify the compass directions of the various rooms of the home.  I analyze the rooms for auspicious and inauspicious 'stars' (the Flying Star aspect of Feng Shui) or energy that is unique to that dwelling in addition to color, light, decor, and furniture placement. Compass analysis is the 'time dimension' of feng shui and is ever changing.

Consultations generally take one and a half to three hours, depending upon the size of the home, the specific questions the client has, and the complexity of the architecture.  After the compass directions of the various rooms are identified I do the flying star analysis and make recommendations for cures and enhancements. 

What I Do

  • Four Pillar Charts, Readings, Interpretations
  • Home and Landform Assessment
  • Recommendations for enhancing the Feng Shui of your home or business
  • Classes on Feng Shui
    • The Five Elements
    • The Four Pillars of Destiny
    • The Flying Stars
    • Space and Clutter Clearing from a Feng Shui Perspective
    • Yearly Chinese New Year Aspects

The Yang Metal Rat Year

Are you ready for the Yang Metal Rat Year?  Contact me for the four pillar chart of the year, the element and animal interactions. Flying stars for the year are also changing and may bring luck to some. How will the stars line up for you?