Four Pillar Chart

The Four Pillar Chart


The four pillar chart is the basis for my consultations.  Four pillar charts, using Chinese astrology is based upon your date and time of birth.  This chart consists of four animals — there are 12 in the Chinese calendar — and elements — there are ​5 elements.  The combination of the elements and animals is like a map of a persons desires, inspirations, aspirations, and emotions. Each chart is unique to the individual. The interacction of the elements and animals are an important part of the four pillar chart.   ​

Four Pillar Chart Reading $175.00 Includes the four pillar chart, an analysis of the elemental makeup, animal makeup and characteristics of the animals, yin/yang balance, ming gua number (best and worst directions for living spaces), and 10-year luck pillar analysis. Charts come with a phone consultation where I explain the chart and how to use it to enhance your living and working environments. 

If you are interested in a four pillar chart, please contact me.