Compass School Feng Shui & Flying Stars


Compass School Feng Shui

Did you know there is a time dimension to Feng Shui? It is called Compass School Feng Shui and the Flying Stars. The Compass School embodies time and space dimensions of Feng Shui and was developed after the Land Form School of Feng Shui. A luo pan, or compass, is used to identify the direction that a house or dwelling faces—the facing direction. This and the year the house was built are the starting points for analyzing a dwelling. The many aspects of Compass School are drawn from ancient Chinese masters from thousands of years ago including Fu Hsi, the ancient shaman king and patron saint of the divination arts. Taoist teachings and the iChing (or Book of Changes) also contribute to the understanding of Compass School Feng Shui.

The additional astrology of the dwelling, beyond the Compass directions are the Flying Stars. The flying stars are the 'horoscope' of the building with each 'star' identified by a number (1-9) and possessing a specific energy and associated element. Once the date the structure was built and the compass directions are known, the flying stars can be overlaid onto the floor plan of the dwelling. Then the fun really begins with setting cures and enhancements for the flying stars.

Consultations last between 1.5 and 3 hours depending upon the nature of the consultation, size of the dwelling, and goals of the client.  If you are interested in a house analysis consultation, please contact me for more information. The larger the house the more time is needed for compass analysis.  

Did you know...

The Year of the Yang Metal Rat begins February 4th and the animal and elements of the year change too. What will the Metal Rat Year mean for you? What is the Health and Wealth luck for the year? What is the elemental make-up for the year? Is your Four Pillar Chart compatible with the Rat year (heads up for the Horse born--Rat and Horse are in opposition)? What are the possibilities for the year? Contact me if you would like to know more!  


I provide feng shui consultations for home and office spaces. The cost is $100/hour with a minimum of one hour. If you desire a consultation please contact me.