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About Me

My Background

I am a certified Red Ribbon Professional Feng Shui Consultant by the International Feng Shui Guild.  I've been practicing Feng Shui for over 15 years and studied with Mary Shurtleff, Tina Falk, and Lillian Too—all wonderful Feng Shui Masters! My practice is to provide clients with knowledge about themselves through the four-pillar chart, which is unique to each individual. I evaluate people's dwellings including the land surrounding the dwelling and the interior spaces, providing recommendations to enhance the space.  

My Objective for My Clients

My goal is to bring positive energy to people's spaces, be that at work or at home, through feng shui principles and application.  

My Inspiration

The Bazi (or 4 Pillar Chart) is the inspiration for working with people interested in enhancing the positive energy and feeling of their living and work spaces.

Contact Me

Contact Me

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